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I am extremely blessed for the things i own in life...

exactly two months ago the time has past, but the memories still haunted us. This mid year i was able to visit one of the far east country Taiwan. I was there for a science research joint program that my faculty had arranged us to go there. Unexpectedly i got to meet a lot of new people as well as experience the craziest journey to the far east. It wasn't all about the boring study trip, but we also had a very pleasant day by doing sightseeing, culinary exploration, and a little bit shopping splurge as well. Though at first i got a little trouble of communication with the locals, but i managed to communicate to them with a lack of mandarin of mine. But after all, i am quiet enjoying the exquisite lives of taiwan that comes within.

What i'm wearing :

T-shirt : (c/o BERSHKA) - Jacket : (c/o FOREVER 21) - Shorts : (c/o GAP) - 
Shoes : (c/o ADIDAS) - baseball cap : (c/o GUCCI) -
 Waist bag : (c/o NIKE) -  Shades : (c/o RAY BAN)

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