Editorial : From a little thing big things grow

1:22:00 AM

Good day fellas..

What are we willing to do to preserve our nature when the nature already gave us a lot more than you can thank for. Imagine your feet walk barely on the white sands, the tide washes your toes, and you bask in to the sun drenched haze. What if in the future your kids wont feel the same, they would not  play on the clean beaches anymore because most of the beach are covered with litters and junks. Who's the blame of all? if you're reading this while you're on a holiday, let's think about it for a moment.

Most of the time all we ever do is just taking everything for granted and wasting every drop of it without giving it back. Littering and vandalism are the example of reckless actions of most of tourists only to have fun. When in fact those actions are only bringing distortion to the environment. It needs our big awareness to keep and preserve the nature that we live in. A good small deeds such as use less plastic products, keep the environment free from garbage, and furthermore live sustainable could save our nature for the sake of life continuance. your action holds a big role in order to run the life longer so the future will enjoy the same beauty as the nature has to offer.

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