welcoming twenty ish

2:30:00 AM

Happy weekend fellas...

I just realized each second i spend of my life is worth to celebrate for. The life that i have been living for right two decades has completely given me so much things to learn and experience. I couldn't be more grateful for everything i have, either material or sentimental things that made me become this person right now. At the beginning i was scared that it wouldn't happened as planned, then i was just enjoying every bit of myself, then now i'm scared those excitement, spectacular, amazing things wont happen again. If i could be honest i'm not that kind of well planned person.Then again, over planning something is just gonna kill the magic. This new phase of my life, the new decade of my twenty and more, i am ready to be faced with bigger obstacles, embrace the new challenges, and feel the joy of life that i have never felt before. 


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