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Good Day Fellas...

Yes, am back in Bali for another journey to search for the peacefulness. This island well indeed makes me feel i'm the happilionaire, who doesn't? Once you're landed here all you need to do is release all the hectic schedules and leave all behind the burdens in life for a moment, you wont feel anything but peace and pleasure. This time i took a short excursion to visit the palace called tampak siring palace. Two hours driving from Seminyak (the place that I stayed) getting away from the modernize you will find the place where most of natives come along to do some rituals.

I remembered I once have come here when I was still child, but I found myself have an eager to discover the new culture and willing to learn it in order to integrating with the people. I went to the Holy Spring that natives called Tirta Empul , this place has a lot of ponds and many people come around to do a pray and they believe it will bring a fortune when you're plunge in. The visitors were obligated to wear balinese sarong as our respect to enter the holy premise.

This place is nothing but magical and blessed. isn't it?

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