an ultimate coffee date

3:40:00 PM

Happy Monday fellas...

What a most beautiful day to start the new whole week full of adventure. Me and my partner (in work obviously) are always having a cup of coffee and of course with a little brunch to fill the energy before we jump off to the work life.

Though we are not Italiano and not even trying to be one, but we kind of enjoy having a brunch with pastas and some Italian dishes. Another way to live up like a real Italiano is that we never skip cappuccino or latte for breakfast.

Have I mentioned my friend before? Ladies and gents, here's my pal slash my working partner Dee. She does quiet multi talented girl since she got everything in one package. Her job as a make up artist and fashion stylist for almost 5 years makes her as the best person to go to when I need an advice in fashion stuff. She's also managing her own blog too, you can check her blog because we both have some interesting collaborations as well. ciao... - lazz.

*located in caturra expresso and photograph by myself with a Fujifilm X-A2. 

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