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Happy sunday fellas...

Clearly sunday has been the most favourite day in a week for every people, and some of us also have a every sunday routines to do. My routine every sundays is always waking up late and have a late brunch as well with friends in the city. Yep, that's not a good  weekend life cycle  but that's exactly what i do on lazy sunday.

During sunday day out, i also bring some essentials when i'm going outside for having brunch or watching movies with friends. I tend to carry all my belongings in a pouch or small bag instead of a massive bag because it's quiet practical yet looking modern. You might have seen lot of guys in the city carrying a small pouch to help them organize their stuff and it could be the hype accessories at the moment.

Mine at the moment is from Michael Kors bag called Ingrid in black leather and silver hardware. This bag also comes with a different colors and different type of leathers as well. i chose this bag because somehow it's got the same typical silhouette of lei bag from fendi. you can check their website or go to the local Michael Kors store to get the best deal.

The first item inside my bag is my headphone by Sony. I actually only use this when i'm traveling or on my way to somewhere by public transportations, so basically i don't quiet use this so much. The next one is obviously my phone Samsung galaxy note 3. I am not kinda gadget geek and it explains so much that's why i'm still using this kinda old version of galaxy note, but who really cares as long as it's still working, right?

Moving on to the fashion essentials, as you can see on the picture above, i always bring three wallets in my bag. The big one or known as coat wallet by Valentino is to keep you cash and some craps. The small card holder that i bought from Zara is for the important cards such as my driving license, debit cards, credit cards and some id cards. An the third one is actually not a wallet but my car key holder from Gucci. At the moment, i also bring my Patek Philippe watch to keeping me on time.

There are two eyewears inside my bag with a different function each. the shades at the moment is by Polaroid Eyewear, well actually that's not mine but my sister lent me those to me when i was on last vacation. My Tom Ford glasses is everything to me, besides helping me looking dapper and smart, that's also helping me to see the world cystal clear. Having perfume in your bag is a must to everyone, my current favourite at the moment is Zara Man Uomo, this perfume is so affordable but i like this kinda spicy smells.

Those are  some of my essentials that i always have in my bag everyday especially on sunday day out. And now is your turn to share us what's inside your bag that you always carry around with you everyday when you're outside home.Have a rocking sunday everyone, lazz.  

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