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Good day fellas...

As many of you guys know that i moved to Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) recently, there are many things that i need to adjust in order to adapt myself in my new area. Well, actually it's not as hard as it looks. For some people in the same age of mine particularly in Indonesia are quiet afraid of living away from their parents which i don't know why. But strangely it did not happen to me, in the opposite i was waiting for it to happen in my life and I'm glad i did it now.

Living by your own self is more challenging and terrifying instead of living with your parents, but look up to the positive side where you can actually justify yourself to make an important decision in your life without parents involved. For example you have a full obligation to manage your health, foods, finance and everything more. A student like me may still need a fund by our parents due to lack of time to get the extra income, all I usually do is to make a list of priority of what should I spend my money. This is the best way to do for helping yourself to manage your financial issues. of course it's all depending on where do you live and how is your lifestyle and hobby. 

I like spending my money on foods, fashion goods, and obivously save up a little bit for traveling. everytime I got some money, I always save up at least 25% of my money for traveling to create the new experience in life. As much as I love fashion, I love to travel as well. Once you're on the road, you will find the truly happiness of your life that probably even worthy than a heaps of money, at least that's what I feel. Traveling is only to open your mind as well as rebuild and refresh your soul in order to be a good human being.

Right after I went back home from Kuala Lumpur, I decided myself to drive all the way to Bandung ( 2 and a half hours from Jakarta) to do some hiking activity. At once I wasn't quiet sure about this idea knowing the fact that I am more beach-person and to be honest I'm afraid of height, but at the end I was mesmerized by the scenery from up high the hill. The place had modernized by the local private company so it was organized well and even you can grab  a lunch or quick meals at the café on top of the hill. here are some pictures while I was there, enjoy.

what i'm wearing :

Tshirt ( c/o H&M ) - Shorts ( c/o GAP ) - Eyewear ( c/o TOM FORD ) -
Watch ( c/o DONNA KARAN NEW YORK ) - Shoes ( c/o NEW BALANCE )

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