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Good day fellas...

How have you been lately? I've been super busy with college stuff now. But i am here now try to keep updating my blog. this time i'd like to share some story of mine and talking about my friendship life.

If you guys wondering why am i writing such a random thing like this right now, the best reason to answer this is just the way i express myself in honoring and be grateful of everything that we have done so far. Yup, they are really mean a lot to me and we have through the life stage together during ups and downs, we do support each other so we can be a better human being in the next life.

Anyway despite of those wonderful times, we also had a terrible moment when everything just torn away only because a little misunderstood, fought with each other just because boys/girls, can't really decide where'd we going for the next vacation and many more. we have to admit that we're different in some sides, either its race, religion, gender, or whatever. But one thing that we always know that god sent us here to be loving and caring each other. and we did it so far!

Oh.. there's one fact that makes our friendship getting stronger by the days. Spending time together days and nights. This much is working in our case tho! We traveled the world quiet often together. In every journey, we always tried to get to know what's the wildest and deepest things in our mind. That sounds crazy but this is how we get along and to be honest we spent time quiet much than spending time together with our families.

Hmmm.... Our high school time is over, and now we're super busy with our college things that make us apart. Well i am really gonna miss you guys, I hope you guys very well no matter where you guys are now. We're living apart now but surely we'll always keep in touch. Love you all XOXO Lazz. 

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