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Good morning fellas...

      Fresh from my bed in sunday morning, it's always be my pleasure to share something new that's been happening in / around my life. So this time as you can see on the title of this article, MUSIC OF THE WEEK is in the air... let's find out who is gonna be my best favourite musician and song for this week.

        Basically this time i'd give a special shoutout for my very favourite band/ duet, yup you guys might have known about noneother than ANGUS AND JULIAN STONE. But if you guys still wondering who is that? so little that i know they are Australian brother-sister folk and indie pop group that formed in sydney back in 2006. The most essential thing is long time before they began their career, their parents were one of the folk and indie duo as well. Long story short. the first time i knew them was when their song became one of the soundtrack for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 with "Love Will Take You", And i started become a fans eversince.

So guys let's check out their perfomances, songs, and everything about them on link down below :

(Angus and Julia Stone - A Heartbreak)

(Angus and Julia Stone - From The Stalls)

(Angus and Julia Stone - Wherever You Are)

*All videos are coutersy by Youtube

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