chasing waterfalls

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                          "When the beaches are too mainstream in Bali, let's chasing waterfalls."

Good day fellas..
it's been full a month since the last time i updated my blog. Finally here i am in front of my laptop again, writing again, and share some experiences again.

My apologize to all my fellow readers wherever you guys i have occupied by the hecticness of college's admission that took my entire time to think it deeply for the sake of my future. But now i'd like to share my last vacation in BALI (again) lol. 

This kinda trip, best friend of mine came along with me as well to celebrate her 20th birthday. Took a plane only like less than 45 minutes to reached Bali, we straight headed to our hotel as soon as we arrived, but unfortunately we came a little earlier so the room hasn't even ready yet. 

The trip was just started, we discovered another side bali as a tourist. The very first night, we went to clubs located near to the Bomb Bali Monument. That night was a blast!!! we had so much fun together. But sadly we had to end our trip, at least for her because she needs to go back to the city immediately (school matter).

Right after she flew back to the city, i stayed with my cousin at her house. Though the trip was turned from BFF kinda trip to Family kinda trip, that wasn't even reduce the fun. We went to some cool restaurants from local cuisines to western cuisines. 

recently i just knew that Chiara ferragni from her instagram account came to one of the coolest place back in 2015 when she visited Bali called  Tegenungan waterfalls. So we decided to paid a visit to that place and it turned out that thr scenery was really breathtaking. There were not much local tourists there, mostly were foreigners.

To reached the waterfall from the parking area, you have to go down through a hundred stairs. It wont take long though, just a couple minutes then you shall find that beautiful waterfall. As soon as i arrived there, my cousins, my nephews and nieces were just plunged to the water. That wasn't really cold though, but i didn't join them because in the evening i had to catch the flight back to Jakarta. I was pretty much enjoyed the vibes.

If you guys have bored visiting beaches in Bali, this place could be the best potential destination to visit when you are around the island. Ohh... almost forget to tell you where its located. Tegenungan waterfall located around Ubud district, not really far from the Sukowati market (most popular traditional market in Bali). You can rent a car from your hotel or book from your local travel agent to this place and feel the beauty of Chasing Waterfalls.

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