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Good day fellas...

another show from ABC production house called the catch have been hypnotizing me lately. Unfortuately that channel doesnt available in my country, so i watch this movie from starworld (paid tv cable channel) which i believe only available in asia region. 

This mystery television show follows Alice vaughan (Enos), an private investigator based in Los Angeles, California, who is the victim of fraud by his fiance Benjamin Jones (Kraus). Long story short she is determined to find her fiance in between working in other cases before she realize it ruins her carier. 

The first time i watched this show, i thought it was like other investigation kinda shows that only investigate the same old murder case. But after the 1st episode i knew it was such a very mesmerizing show. The first air debut was on march 2016, this show represents some cool actors like Mireilles Enos (as seen on csi:miami), Peter kraus (as seen on parenthood) and created by Jennifer schuur and Helen Gregory.

Other thing that makes me tremendous in love with this show was the way they dressed up. They were looking gorgeous and dapper at the same time, what a slayyy!!! and no doubt the casts were good looking as well. 

The story line was amazing with a little twist of romance. Though there was a little romance, but it didn't make this show cheesy. once you watch this, undoubtly you shall looking forward to see more and more episodes. I would give rate 9/10 for this show.

Well. if you haven't seen it yet, here is the trailer from its show. happy watching.- Lazz

(the video was taken from youtube)

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