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11:18:00 AM

" Though i have lived for entirely of my life in big cities, and being such a metropolis boy, i always wondering what if i live in the countryside with its peacefulness."

The perks of living in big cities might really tempting with the bright lights and its glory. You can easily order a chinese food at midnight, shopping at the malls, and go to clubs and pubs. But there is a thing that i always hate from the city is the crowd and some of them who labeled us as a selfish kinda person. well, i would agree with that consider to the fact that we are really busy with our own personal life these days, to be realized or not we are now loosing something that everyone should have, careness to each other. 

despite of living in big cities, my family and i have a hobby to do a road trip getaway, so basically i'm really familiar with a long journey from one city to another that might takes hours even days on the road. we do often to transit in small town to looking around and get rest in the small local hotel. there's a plenty romance to be found in countryside especially when it comes to around the mountains. The people are also more generous and humble instead people in the city. life goes at a different pace here. 

"I shall do anything that yet to be done before, as soon as i turned to 18."

Grateful to god, this month i'm turning 18th and this year, i am going to be a college student. i am looking forward to see me in couple years living in the small town somewhere around germany (which not very small though). yes, i am planning to leave my home-country and move to germany to get my education degree. hopefully i'm able to find the perfect small town with good education so i can settling down and enjoying the scenery of european countryside.- lazz

what i'm wearing :

shirt (c/o HARDWARE ) - jeans (c/o LEVI'S 501) - shoes (c/o RIDE)
 belt (VERSACE) - watch (c/o BONIA) - shades (c/o MARKS&SPENCER)

*Photograph by Dee Meirinda with a CANON EOS 60D 
Lens ; SIGMA 18-259 mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM

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