morning tea

10:05:00 AM

Good day fellas...

      Wish you have a happy weekend all, as last year student my time has occupied by study, study and study.. even for weekend. So i decided always have at least an hour in the morning for chilling and sipping a cup of my favourite tea all the time (it must be earl grey tea if you wonder which kind of tea i prefer). despite of sipping my tea, i also like to do some light exercise in the morning to keep my body fit and always fresh doing the hectic activities for the whole day. Time flies so fast, can't believe that i'm about to leaving my high school time and be prepare for going to college... hmm still wondering which college should i go into? have no really idea for that. But overall all i need to do is passing the final examination which really scares me. well... not really scared but i just have to more concern about that cause that would determind whether you pass your study or NOT. 

hmm... wish me luck in every steps that i take. finger cross for everybody - Lazz

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