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        HAPPY DECEMBER!!! 

      my favourite month is finally in the house. and i did some great way to start my december by had a dinner with friend. i traveled a long way to jakarta from my homeland to see this girl that  we apparently haven't seen each other for an ages. so yeah, we decided to have something that we called "MAMICAN". went out looking for the best french restaurant in town and finally we made it. when it comes to something french, we always accompanied by a great bottle of wine (mostly whites) that we always can't get enough (not a good drinker tho). Oh... forgot to introduce my friend, she's Rebecca. and she loves fashion just the same like i do. that's why we love to hanging out and talk about everything about fashion, love life and future. speaking of fashion, we wore our super casual tee's and short (for me) and midi skirt (for her) with a little sparks on the bottom (SHOES IS MY SAVIOUR). now i'm back in my origin place and already missing her so much. So, good luck for everything that you're about to dealing with and till we meet again. 

here some posted pictures were taken right after the dinner. 

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