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         This italian brand lately has blown me away by their designs and everything... some people might not like it and thinks those are too "tacky to wear", but for me personally they have a special place in my heart. i mean like literally Donatella has really made it recently. ever since she became the designer director or something, versace has something changed (in a good way obviously). doesn't mean that i dislike Gianni, but Donatella did it well (Sorry to say Gianni). But overall i like the way they represent their origin country which is italy from their collection tho. it feels like you're the real italian when you wear their collections. as i said before i am unconditionally in love with every stuff from versace. either it's shoes, bags, clothes and everything. and i'd like to share to you guys some items that i may be "To Die For". 

look at the deets. isn't it gorgeous?

Big emblem on the top of the loafer.. extremely to die for item

and this is my ever fave sac du jour ( it's french, not saint laurent bag)
anyway, this is my ever favourite parfume du jour

     And those are my favourite collections slash items from the house of Versace. Well done Donatella and team, you're doing great. Oh just reminder those are might from different season collection, so i just picked from the entire my best  favourite collection. hope you enjoy it. - Lazz

source by pinterest

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