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G'day fellas...

what are you always carry with you around in your bag recently? here i would like to share what's inside my bag as my daily essentials and also what items do i always to wear everytime. anyway, i write this article accompanied by a good cup of my favourite earl grey tea. 

my first thing i'd share is my bag that i currently use, it's a gucci messenger bag that my mother gave me as a birthday present a couple months ago. a little bit review about this bag, it comes with a super signature monogram gucci waterproof canvas that i really adore. it also comes with a leather all around the corner of this bag. for the hardware, they actually use a gold hardware. it has a flap that covered the bag and also has zipper to secure your stuffs. that's enough for the bag, let's move on to the next stuff. 

thing that i always carry around is my wallet. i've been using this wallet ever since i got this really really long time ago. it's a burberry wallet with a dark kinda navy colour. there's nothing special about this wallet but this surely has been accompanying me for all this time.

the next one is my saviour, my shades by oakley. i just got this during my vacation last summer in bali. there was really huge sale for that and me when see the sale on store "never think twice. just go buy it all." 

yes i'm a huge fan of blue. so i just actually got myself a keyholder for my carkey. in my place car is really important for you to get somewhere due a bad public transportation in my place. so i'm so grateful that i have a gucci keyholder. what makes this a little bit different, this is a guccisimma style which made from genuine leather.

and mon parfum du jour is aiger evolution man2. i really really fell in love with the smell of this fragrance consider i'm not a huge fans of that brand though. it's fresh yet masculine, suitable for a real gentle man.

watch is by patek philippe. i dont know what to say about this one, it's actually one of the best things i've ever had in my life. i just got this from my dad obviously. he doesnt really like the style so i decided to take over that. 

the last but not least, my camera sony alpha nex-3. why am i choosing this one is actually the dimension of its not too big and suitable for travel. i used to have a bigger size DSLR camera by canon (not really remember the type) and i was really stressed about how to carry that one around and where to store it. it was way too heavy for me. so i decided to change it up. for the quality image is no doubt. really really like a pro camera has. 

so that's all of my daily essentials that i've always been carrying around with me every single day. what's yours? - lazz

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